Tiny Robot Candle Co.
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Tiny Robot Candle Co.
small batch hand poured soy candles

FeatureD Product


8oz Blood orange soy candle

“So delicious, I want to eat it” “Is it weird that I want to eat this candle?” These are common phrases heard any time someone gets a whiff of this fragrance. Bright and juicy, this is the right choice for anyone looking for something citrus to fill the room. 


8oz midnight moon soy candle

Looking for a more masculine and musky smell for your dwelling? This is probably the candle for you. The patchouli and musk really comes through with this scent, but still has a bit of an earthy feel. Good for those late night gazes at the moon.


8oz smell before rain soy candle

How do you really capture the smell before it rains? Well, it’s not easy, and with this fragrance, we did our best. With floral hints and a lot of ozone, this scent also invokes thoughts of fresh washed laundry. Good for whatever room you like to burn your candles in, but will definitely leave it feeling fresh and clean.


Our Candles

Our candles are all hand poured in super small batches, right in Danielle’s kitchen, and are made from 100% natural soy wax from US grown beans. We currently offer three different fragrances in three different sizes: 8oz, 4oz and 2oz. Fall fragrances will be announced soon so be sure to sign up for our emails to find out when you can get your hands on them!


Why Robots?

Danielle’s been drawing robots since roughly 2004, and in the years since, robot drawings and paintings have still very much been a part of Danielle’s life and have still been a primary form of self expression outside of photography. When Danielle discovered her love of creating candles, she decided that the candle line should be an offshoot of Tiny Robot Studio, and thus, Tiny Robot Candle Co. was created. Tiny Robot Candle Co. is a product line of Tiny Robot Studio LLC. All robots are original drawings created by Danielle. Robot prints and miscellaneous items are also available in the shop. Robot paintings are also available for commission and if you have anything you’d love to see a robot on, please contact Danielle and let her know!